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Take The Pledge

Please join us and TAKE THE PLEDGE: "I’m with Full Disclosure. I oppose the Pentagon campaign to re-write the history of the Vietnam War."

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Mission statement:

The Full Disclosure campaign is a Veterans For Peace effort to speak truth to power and keep alive the antiwar perspective on the American war in Viet Nam -- which is now approaching a series of 50th anniversary events. It represents a clear alternative to the Pentagon's current efforts to sanitize and mythologize the Vietnam war and to thereby legitimize further unnecessary and destructive wars.

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This Week in History: 1966

May 2 Secretary of Defense McNamara privately reports the North Vietnamese are infiltrating 4500 men per month into the South.

Upcoming Events

  1. International Conscientious Objector Day – May 15, 2016

    May 15
  2. Memorial Day 2016 Event: Walk The Wall Vietnam War Memorial Service & Commemoration

    May 30
" The Wall " - 1986 by Mike Hastie Army Medic Vietnam
Poster by Leslie Dwyer

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