January 3 The International Control Commission (ICC) declares that both North and South Vietnam had failed to comply with the Geneva Agreements.

May 24 Government of Vietnam requests that MAAG (American Military Assistance Advisory Group) advisors fill the vacuum left by the final withdrawal of French Air Force and Naval advisors on May 31st. To accommodate the request 44 military personnel engaged in housekeeping functions are shifted to the Embassy’s role. This makeshift enables the total military personnel to be increased from 692 in MAAG and TERM (Temporary Equipment Recovery Mission) to a total of 736.

July 26 During TERM’s first nine months of operations it ships out more that $36,000,000 worth of MDAP equipment from Viet Nam. This is beyond the $137,000,000 worth of MDAP equipment that had be shipped out prior to TERM’s introduction.

October 22 U.S. Army officers injured in a dynamite explosion and in a separate incident a number of U.S. enlisted men are injured when their bus is dynamited.

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