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Letter to the Wall

To Sgt. Willie Earl Granger, Panel 49W, Line 4

Willie, I think about you and have thought about you every day since the mine went off that killed you. I think about your family and I hope they have peace.

Even though we were arguing on the day you died, I think your family should know that you were so loved by everyone in our unit, that men were crying when the word came back to us that you had died in the field hospital.

My purpose in writing this is not to stir up painful memories for your family, but to hope that these words will comfort them. I also hope that Bo, who was standing behind you when the mine went off, is doing okay. I think about him, too.

Willie and Bo, two brave and honorable men. I hope you are in peace.

Willie, every day for 44 years, as if you were an angel, I saw your face behind my left shoulder, watching over me in a helpful way. It seemed like you were always asking me: What are you going to do to make this right?

Willie, because of your presence in my life, I ask for God’s help every day , to try to understand and to try to live a worthwhile life and to do the right thing.

Thank you, my friend. I hope you are satisfied with what I’ve tried to do.
Peace to you and your family.

Bill Distler, 3rd squad leader, 1st platoon, Delta Co., 2nd Bn./ 506th Abn. Inf. Reg’t., 3rd Brigade, 101st Airborne Division

in honor and memory of Richard Noyce Seglem

another letter for you…

for years now, you’ve stood
black and magnificent
representing death
and lives unlived
here in the states

and yet, there is no marker standing beside you for the continual loss
from the destruction that still comes day in and day out
to the people residing in viet nam

war legacies: agent orange and unexploded ordnance

we are still killing not just in viet nam
but all around the world
over petty materialistic things
by little big men in high places
do they feel? or just feel good?
their decisions
their choices
but that is not why I write

i write because today and every day YOU,

American and Vietnamese,

are loved and sorely missed by your family and friends

unnecessary war
we did not learn
every one knows

and, as stupid as this sounds…

we keep repeating history
choosing war over peace,
we all know why.

i’m sorry,
julie dobson
VFP associate member


Please see PDF of handwritten letter here by: Daniel Dore