Below is a link to the Full Disclosure 2018 Full Disclosure 1968 Commemorative Calendar for your downloading edification and pleasure. It is a 2018 calendar with appropriate holidays listed (in italics), but the entries commemorate 50 years ago. 1968 was a decisive and brutal year in the American war in Vietnam and we thought it was both appropriate and important to remind people of the events of that year, especially in these dangerous times.   We focus on events related to the war—they are in bold—but also include other items, global and domestic, from that year.

If you value the calendar, please press the Donate button (to the right) and contribute $5 or more to the work of the Full Disclosure Campaign for an Honest Commemoration of the American war in Vietnam. We have been campaigning for the last 5 years—since the Pentagon declared its own self-serving commemoration—not only for a real reckoning with that terrible war, but to elaborate the lessons that should have been learned and apply them to today. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

2018 Full Disclosure 50th Anniversary Calendar