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July 2018

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I’m writing to update you on some of the latest developments regarding the BOYS! film, including a wonderful new segment for you to preview.

From the clips we’ve shared, you can see that together we are making a significant, trail-blazing documentary that will inspire movements today and promote the nonviolent action we need now in our troubled world.

The BOYS! Film Team is incredibly honored and thankful to have your ongoing support and trust. We would not be nearing the film’s completion without it!

And now the updates:

  • NEW FILM CLIP! We are excited to share a new 9 minute clip with you from the latest BOYS! rough cut. In it, Joan Baez introduces the early Institute for the Study of Nonviolence, followed by a segment on the Civil Rights Movement and its influence on the Draft Resistance movement. Also featured are David Harris, Ira Sandperl, Martin Luther King, and Cleveland Sellers, a SNCC leader and early draft resister. (Note this is not a polished clip). Click image to view…Institute-Gang-700-video
  • STAGE OF FILM DEVELOPMENT.  The Rough Cut is approaching a Fine Cut! During May and June, the new two hour rough cut of the film was at the center of our film team’s attention, with feedback viewings by the advisory team members and our director’s documentary-making friends. Editing options have been debated and new research integrated. Production was slowed somewhat by two family health crises on the creative film team. But we still expect to preview the Fine Cut this fall, before completing the film towards year’s end.
  • SEEKING ORGANIZATIONAL SPONSORS. Currently we have over 20 sponsoring organizations – view here. We are looking for more peace and movement groups to become organizational sponsors to help promote and screen the film when completed. If you’re a member of a group that might be interested in sponsoring the film, please contact me.
  • RESISTANCE EXHIBITION AT L.A. LIBRARY. Thru August 19the main L.A. public library is featuring the exhibition “We Won’t Go: The L.A. Resistance, Vietnam, and the Draft”. A public program on July 19th featured a panel with BOYS! interviewees: Paul Barnes Lake, Geoffrey Fishman, and Joe Maizlish. View details here.
  • FUNDRAISING STATUS.  Every day I feel some excitement as I walk down the hill to the Post Office, wondering what surprises are in store when I open our P.O. Box 14008. Every time I say a little prayer of appreciation before opening the post box.After sending our May appeal, 59 donors contributed $9,200 towards our goal of $40,000 from our supporters to help finish the film this year. Among the contributions, we are honored to have received support from acclaimed writer Isabel Allende and from author and Executive Producer Clara Bingham.We are seeking an additional $40,000 in finishing funds from foundations. I’m happy to report that we recently were awarded a $12,000 grant towards that goal from the Berkeley FILM Foundation! We also recently submitted to JustFilms of the Ford foundation.

    All donations – so vital to completing the film – are tax-deductible.Donate online or by check.

  • HOUSE PARTY. Tentative plans are afoot to hold a large house party in September or early October. We hope to center one around new film footage, oysters, and music in Marin County, with fond memories of BOYS! participant and oyster entrepreneur Tod Friend.  We’ll keep you posted when the date and location are confirmed.
  • RESISTER STORIES. We are planning a new series on the BOYS! Facebook page and website. It’s an opportunity for individual resisters, men and women, to tell their personal stories of resistance during the Vietnam War. You’ll be invited to join in on the fun and sharing of memories. More information coming soon on our and Facebook.

Thank you again for your vision, trust and support!

Christopher Colorado Jones
Producer, The Boys Who Said NO!

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