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  1. mary nelle gage says:

    I worked with orphans of war 1973-1975 in Saigon and am escorting a group of war orphans back to Vietnam March25-April6 and would like to meet the US former marines who are now working in Danang and who might be interested in helping us with our hopes of finding mothers who relinquished children between 1968-1975 . We have DNA kits to distribute but need a place willing to invite such persons and give them sensitive privacy. thank you.

    • wayne bauer says:

      My name is Wayne Bauer and I spent six years underground for being a Marine and refusing to fight in Vietnam. If you are interested and think it would help, you can reach me at 310-694-4069.

  2. Erica Fugger says:

    Hello, I am an oral historian at Washington College in Maryland. I work to educate our students about the lasting impact of war, and the strength of resistance movements and peace activism. I recently learned of your ‘Courage to Resist’ podcast and have greatly enjoyed the interviews with GI resisters. I was wondering if there is any way I can offer some support to your historical documentation efforts or connect with someone who works on the podcast? Thank you! Warmly, Erica Fugger

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