An inspiring new film about Vietnam veterans coming together to heal the wounds of war.

About the Film
A decade after the last American troops left South Vietnam, veterans of that divisive and brutal war were still not receiving the care and benefits they had earned. Most Vietnam veterans learned quickly after their return to shut up, because the American people and their government weren’t interested in their problems.

FINALLY A VOICE tells the story of the founding convention of the Vietnam Veterans of America. Filming began 32 years ago, during a frenzied week in Washington DC, when hundreds of Vietnam veterans from all over the country gathered to seize control of their destiny. Their goal was to create a veterans organization that would represent their positions and address their needs. The traditional veterans organizations, congress and the Veterans Administration itself were indifferent to the special needs of Vietnam veterans, who had been characterized as losers, dopers and crazies and not worthy of benefits or respect.

The Vietnam Veterans of America, changed the way past and future veterans are regarded. VVA members are a politically diverse bunch. However, by focusing on their shared experience as Vietnam veterans, they are able to band together to heal the wounds of war, both visible and invisible. Their efforts have helped to push legislation and public awareness that benefit not only themselves, but the current crop of veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan as well.

The film follows up by filming some of the VVA founding members between 2007 and 2015 to see if these veterans have remained true to their founding principle that “never again shall one generation of veterans abandon another.” There are also scenes with recent Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, and victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam.

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