Locally, we had a really pretty good forum a couple of weeks ago with Tim O’Brien and Lynn Novick at Macalester College ( O’Brien’s alma matter) and moderated by Don Shelby a former News anchor (Air Force Vet). Snippets from the Burns/Novick Doc were shown and question and answer session afterwards. Of the crowd of 200 or so I would say it was pretty evenly matched with Vets and Anti war folks. We handed out pretty much the remainder of our Full Disclosure paper and had a good presence there. Of course, Tim O’Brien is great and had some really good answers to some good questions.
The one comment he made that I really enjoyed was after watching the Doc with his 14 year old son, the kid asks “ Hey Dad, what is Communism?” I ask you to ask that same question to most Americans and see what they say.
Locally, we also had discussion on two local KFAI radio stations about the film.
Barry Riesch