As a VFP member and website content provider, I have the honor and humble privilege to have correspondence with some incredible anti Vietnam activists who resisted the draft and war.  I’m sharing a few historical items recently sent to me by Bruce Beyer, one of the Buffalo Nine.  Because what we don’t know….can enlighten us and allow us to appreciate what others have done to honor and help out humanity.

Julie Dobson


From June 13, 2015:

“Hi, just found this…………….note Susan Schnall and Jack Colhoun. We never surrendered!” BB

amnesty 001

Back page of Amex Canada magazine, 1976


“and then there’s this…”

Amex Canada, Susan  Schnall

Amex Canada, Susan Schnall


From June 2015:


“I remember passing this poem to my mother when she can to visit me at the Erie County Holding Center the day I came back to the States. Needless to say, I was greatly influenced by Ron Kovic.”
Woodstock: permission granted


From May 25, 2015:
“So, I came across the attached article (Buffalo Draft Boards ) this morning. I am reminded that during the Buffalo Nine trial the US Attorney tried to introduced the newspaper article at my bail hearing in an attempt to convince the District Court Judge to deny me bail. He claimed this article showed how much I held governmental representatives in disdain.
The judge responded saying, “The only thing this shows me is that Mr. Beyer is opposed to death.” FYI I still find that to be a lofty goal.Kicking it down the road in your direction, Julie.”


From May 27, 2015:
“As to the leaflet from the Buffalo Draft Resistance Union: Julie you are welcome to publish anything I send to you if you think it’s relevant. Be warned though, I’m a paper hoarder. My Mom started me out on this endeavor and I have an entire file cabinet filled with paper relating to the Vietnam era (which I believe is still ongoing). I think one of the documents I laugh about is the one. My friend, who worked for many years as a paralegal, “liberated” it from the Federal District Court files when she somehow gained access to them years ago.”
Woodstock Permission Granted