Mike Hastie speaking at Full Disclosure workshop.  Photo Credit: Ellen Davidson


A lively Full Disclosure workshop at the 2017 VFP Convention in Chicago.  The first part of the discussion focused on the My Lai Memorial Project of Chicago’s VFP chapter (see http://vietnamfulldisclosure.org/index.php/sculptural-collage-engages-dialogue-lai/ and http://vietnamfulldisclosure.org/index.php/lai-massacre-memorial-project/) and Mike Hastie’s My Lai Memorial Project (http://vietnamfulldisclosure.org/index.php/mike-hastie-okinawa-lai-mural-project-viet-nam/).


Photo Credit: Ellen Davidson

The rest of the discussion was focused on the upcoming Burns/Novick PBS documentary: The Vietnam War. Participants were concerned that the documentary will downplay the serious problems of that terrible war as well as the resistance to it, particularly by GIs.  And there was a lot of enthusiasm for telling out side of the story.  The documentary offers a tremendous opportunity to reach out to the American people about the meaning of that war and its connections to current wars.



There will be discussion at PBS discussions around the country and we urge VFP members and others to attend and advocate at these sessions.  We will be producing talking points which will soon be posted at the Full Disclosure workshop as part of a page devoted to the Burns/Novick documentary.