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Harvey Richards Photo Exhibits in Ho Chi Minh City

Published on: March 17, 2018

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Photo: War Remnants Museum Exhibit in Ho Chi Minh City Putting up Photo by Harvey Richards of the October 12, 1968 GI March against the Vietnam War.

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War Remnants Museum Exhibit Curated by Ron Carver

Exhibit opens March 19, 2018

On March 19, 2018 a War Remnants Museum Exhibit in Ho Chi Minh City, will open featuring US soldiers who opposed the war in Vietnam. The photo being installed in the picture here is by Harvey Richards taken October 12, 1968  at the GI march against the Vietnam War led by uniformed soldiers.

October 12, 1968, San Francisco, California. Navy Nurse Susan Schnall speaks out against the War in Vietnam while in uniform.

Among the soldier was Navy nurse Susan Schnall, shown leading the march and then speaking at the rally at the San Francisco Civic Center. The War Remnants Museum exhibit is the final stop for a Veterans tour of Vietnam war locations, 50 years later. The tour contributes funds to removing mines and caring for the victims from old battlegrounds still undergoing recovery from the war.

You can find more about this 1968 march here: and watch the clip below from No Greater Cause (1968). Ron Carver is curating the exhibit and is with the Veterans tour. For more on Ron see:


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