New Book of Poetry by Doug Rawlings!

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  • 100 pages
  • Hardcover with dust jacket
  • published in 2020
  • Poetry and B&W images
  • US Trade (6×9 inches)
  • $20 with free shipping

Sample from In the Shadow of the Annamese Mountains:

(Instructions for officers when questioned by the press)

Never speak of war
in the present tense
let alone with active voice

Rather, couch its grotesqueries
in euphemisms
snappy salutes, sad clichés
and always use the passive voice

Like this:
— say “returning warrior”
when you really mean
seething unexploded ordnance

— say “post traumatic”
when you know you mean
burning right now, right now

— say “have returned from a theater of war”
when you actually mean
is still — and will always be —
deep in shit

— say “sacrificed for their country”
when you really mean