Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We’re very excited to show you the front page of a new 24-page publication by the same editorial team that brought you Peace in Our Times for five years.

Peace & Planet News, published by Vietnam Full Disclosure and New York City Veterans For Peace, is “dedicated to abolishing war, establishing justice, and fighting climate disaster.”

Peace & Planet News will strive to bring a veteran voice to the larger progressive movement. As we did with Peace in Our Times, we will carry stories about VFP activities and actions, as well as articles of importance to the broader movements for peace and justice.

The issues covered in Peace & Planet News, as you will see, range broadly, from the climate disaster and the environment to current wars and resistance to them to sports and politics, poetry and more. We recognize that humanity has not one, but two Swords of Damocles suspended over our collective head—the threat of war, specifically nuclear war, and the climate crisis. We intend to expose the connections between these two existential threats to life on earth.

Our main focus, however, will always be on truthful, well-written articles that not only inform but also inspire.

We’re going to press with the first issue next week. To order individual subscriptions or bundles for distribution:

Please order early to insure that there will be copies available. We base our print run on the number of paid orders we have received.

Thank you. We appreciate your support and promise not to disappoint you.

For Peace and Sustainability,
The Editorial Team
Ellen Davidson, Mike Ferner, Tarak Kauff, Ken Mayers & Doug Rawlings

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