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Items Left at The Wall – The Virtual Collection

Since the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (The Wall) was dedicated in November 1982, more than 400,000 items have been left by visitors as remembrances and tributes. The National Park Service collects, catalogs, and preserves these objects as part of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial collection, with curatorial support from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.These are the curatorial records of a small portion of the items that have been left at The Wall over the years, but this is the largest collection of items left at The Wall ever made available to the public. Once the Education Center is funded and constructed, approximately 4,000-6,000 items will be on public display.
Catalog Number: VIVE 10704
Accession Date: 11/3/1989
Catalog Number: VIVE 11450
Accession Date: 7/11/1996
Catalog Number: VIVE 33255
Accession Date: 5/12/1998
Catalog Number: VIVE 03112
Accession Date: 6/2/1988
Catalog Number: VIVE 02761
Accession Date: 11/18/1993
Catalog Number: VIVE 10628
Accession Date: 11/13/1992
Catalog Number: VIVE 32722
Accession Date: 6/5/2000
Catalog Number: VIVE 14944
Accession Date: 6/23/2009
Catalog Number: VIVE 34062
Accession Date: 11/6/1990
Catalog Number: VIVE 11938
Accession Date: 11/4/1997