A second edition of LETTERS TO THE WALL is now available at a 30% discount price. This edition includes two added features — an authors’ index and a reference index for names on The Wall that letter writers addressed.

This book is made up of 187 or so letters written over the past two years to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (The Wall in Washington, DC). Letter writers include combat veterans, war resistors, families of both, and anyone who was/is directly impacted by the war. We in VFP are using this collection as part of our Full Disclosure campaign to confront the Pentagon’s revisionist history of the war. We think this collection could be an invaluable resource for anyone who is studying the American War in Vietnam. By the way, we are continuing to collect letters that we will deliver to The Wall every Memorial Day for the next ten years. If you want to write a letter, please send it to me, Doug Rawlings, at this email address: rawlings@maine.edu.  Before doing so, however, I recommend reading this book. You may purchase the print version or the e-book version below.

Take good care, Doug


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