Our book LETTERS TO THE WALL is now available in print format and as an e-book. You may purchase the book at cost.  I hope you are as proud of it as we are. This has been an amazing journey that has just begun. We will be writing letters for the next ten Memorial Days, so please consider contributing on a regular basis. We will also begin building a fund to help finance the trip to DC for letter writers who can’t afford to make it to The Wall — if you’re able and inclined to do so, please consider donating to the cause. Thank you all for your support. We will one day abolish war because of folks like you. Take good care, Doug Rawlings

By Veterans for Peace

Paperback, 316 Pages

Letters to The Wall: Memorial Day Events 2015 & 2016

The letters included in this collection were written by people who were directly impacted by the American War in Vietnam — combat veterans, nurses, loved ones of veterans, anti-war resistors, veterans’ family members, and fellow soldiers. For the past two Memorial Days they were delivered to The Wall in Washington, DC by members of Veterans For Peace as part of our Full Disclosure Project. We want their voices to be heard as our country embarks on a decade-long series of fifty year commemorations of that war. We will deliver letters to The Wall for the next ten years on Memorial Day. If you want to write a letter, please contact Veterans For Peace.
“The Full Disclosure campaign is a Veterans For Peace effort to speak truth to power and, among other efforts, to keep alive the anti-war perspective on the American war in Viet Nam — which is now approaching a series of 50th anniversary events. It represents a clear alternative to the Pentagon’s current efforts to sanitize and mythologize the Vietnam war and to thereby legitimize further unnecessary and destructive wars. We quickly put up our own web page (vietnamfulldisclosure.org) to further contextualize the war and to provide a younger generation an alternative resource for studying its causes and consequences. Visiting our web site will provide the reader with a twelve year time-line to parallel the Pentagon’s version, an in-depth historical analysis that includes anti-war resistance movement significant dates, a narrative that includes the voices of the Vietnamese people, and a rich and fascinating profile of the G.I. Resistance movement.” — Doug Rawlings