Spokane Public Radio’s Doug Nadvornick hosted the Tuesday, August 20, 2019 Inland Journal program featuring interviews recorded at the Veterans For Peace convention held days earlier in Spokane, Washington. The podcast focuses partly on Ron Carver’s “Waging Peace in Viet Nam” exhibit, which was up for the duration, with opening reception held on Thursday afternoon. August 15. Here is Doug’s podcast intro:

Tuesday on the Inland Journal podcast, 44 years after the end of the Vietnam War, many people are still dealing with its aftermath. Some of them gathered in Spokane last weekend for the national convention of the group Veterans for Peace. They were there to talk about their common issues and to share their news about their respective work. They led workshops, posted art exhibits, musical performances. And they told stories, lots of them.

Listed to the podcast and see more photos taken by Doug at the convention, here.