In Public Radio International’s The World broadcast of July 24, 2019, host Marco Werman interviews Susan Hammond with the War Legacies Project about the health effects of Agent Orange still experienced by people in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos today, generations after the American war in VietNam.

The PRI broadcast follows a July 20, 2019 article published in The Atlantic, “The U.S.’s Toxic Agent Orange Legacy,” that addresses sidestepping of the issue in neighboring Cambodia and Laos. Susan Hammond is quoted in this article as well.

Of course, long-time Agent Orange justice activists will remember when it was taboo to discuss the effects of Agent Orange on American veterans and their progeny, let alone on the Vietnamese. Media stories that widen our view and deepen our understanding of the toxic effects of the VietNam war, and other wars, are needed and appreciated. Let’s keep peeling that onion.