Our Memorial Day project continues as 2018 unfolds.  In terms of the American War in Viet Nam, this year looms large — fifty years ago the Tet Offensive exploded; the infamous My Lai massacre took its devastating toll; Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated; and on and on.  Perhaps a loved one of yours was caught up in the net of this murderous war or you were directly impacted yourself by the war.


Over the past few years we have laid 371 letters at the foot of The Wall in Washington, DC (the Vietnam Veterans Memorial) on consecutive Memorial Days.  We plan on delivering more letters this coming Memorial Day.  Will yours be one of them?  We sure hope so.  To view previous years’ letters, please check out this page of our website: https://www.vietnamfulldisclosure.org/index.php/memorial-day-event-2017/ — or to order our special edition of collected letters THE LETTERS TO THE WALL.  If you are writing a letter for us to deliver this Memorial Day (May 28, 2018), please send your letter to rawlings@maine.edu before May 15th. Your letter will also be posted on our website prior to Memorial Day.  Please note that the National Park Service collects each letter for their archival collection and may publicly display letters at a later date.  We also plan on putting together another collection of letters using the 2017 and 2018 letters, so by submitting your letter to us, you are also giving us your permission to use it in these ways.  Thank you!

Click here to read 2018 letters.

Thank you!