Here’s what it takes to mount the Waging Peace Exhibit at your university, college or other institution


The exhibit is mounted on sixteen 4’ x 8’ sheets of black Gatorboard, which is lighter and stronger than foam-core or fiberboard. The panels can be hung from an anchor or shelf at the top of a wall or in the ceiling.

• Transportation to your site in the custom-built wooden shipping crate containing the 16 panels.
• Campus and local publicity to gain maximum pubic exposure.
• Expenses of a related conference or symposium.

Academic integration:

Our hope is that faculty at your university or college will integrate the exhibit into their courses and encourage students to use the exhibit and resource section of the website,

Community programs: The exhibit provides an opportunity to collaborate with local veterans, peace and/or social justice organizations in drawing attention to the exhibit and sponsoring a related public community event.

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