In 2018-2019, the My Lai Memorial Exhibit was hosted by Veterans for Peace chapters in 16 cities. The tour wrapped up at the end of 2019, but much of the exhibit is now viewable online. Visit the My Lai Memorial Exhibit from your “in-place shelter” at

  • See photos from all of the 16 cities that hosted the Memorial Exhibit during the 2018-19 U.S. tour.
  • View all 40 exhibit panels in an animated format.
  • Explore a powerful collection of written and artistic reflections that were collected and shared at each city on the tour by participants in the exhibit. These include:
    • Exhibit Journals
    • Memorial Altar
    • Take Action Area
    • Sculptural Collage Sharing Wall
    • The NYC Story Booth
  • View an original video based on a talk in San Diego by U.S. Army Veteran Dennis Stout who witnessed and reported atrocities committed by his unit in Vietnam.