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28-page Full Disclosure – Truth About America’s War in Vietnam Vol. 2

Published on: August 20, 2017

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The paper is especially important in relation to the upcoming Burns/Novick documentary about the Vietnam War, which will not present the war as the massive U.S. crime based on lies and betrayals that it was. This paper clearly, definitively and very articulately, does. It is a concise, very readable and important reference for anyone who wishes to present or speak about the truth. Thank you all. – Tarak


Preview paper here: Full Disclosure: Truth About America’s War in Viet Nam

2 Responses to 28-page Full Disclosure – Truth About America’s War in Vietnam Vol. 2

  1. Mike 71 says:

    Has anyone at VFP reviewed the Burns/Novick 10 part documentary series yet? To the best of my knowledge it hasn’t been released and is still in post-production. Wouldn’t it make more sense to await its release and then run a critical analysis? Once it has been released (projected for late September) it should be carefully analyzed and all inaccuracies exposed, but that can’t be done until after it has been released. It cannot be accurately analyzed and criticized until after we know what it actually contains!

    • Bruce Beyer says:

      I don’t believe this effort is an attempt to review Burns/Novick film rather it is ammunition in preparation of a rear guard response to their work. Given Burns’s reputation as the quintessential American documentary film maker, the number of years he has been at work on this film, and the massive amounts of corporate money invested in it’s making I believe we should be prepared for the worst. If it turns out they point fingers, lay blame and expose the imperial policies which lead us into the war against the people of South East Asia, this document can then simply become another educational effort to expose the true nature of US foreign policy. Thank you to all who worked on putting this together!

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