by Doug Rawlings, VFP

I was a

Good Humor Man.

Lost my job

Got drafted

I can never

go back again

Lost my

Good Humor

Lost $80.00

a week

Can never

Have it again

You gain


being a Good Humor


You establish a route

You make friends

I lost them all:

My bike my cart

my bell

are all gone now

My smile too.

All my friends


on the Last Day.

On the Last Day

I gave all my

ice cream away


to all my friends

They still cried.

I did too

Came Home with

an Empty Cart

and my Boss said


All sold.

“I said

“No All Free.”

And cried.

He didn’t cry.

He said

“You owe me $16.00.”

I think his brother

works at my Draft Board.