Dan Ellsberg: A Personal Reflection

By W.D. Ehrhart. He risked life in prison to make those documents public. He became a hero of mine and has inspired me ever since.

David Harris, Leader of Vietnam Draft Resistance Movement, Dies at 76

An activist who went to jail for refusing to serve in the military, he teamed with and married Joan Baez and later became a journalist.

Teaching Guide to “The Most Dangerous Man in America”

Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers film: A teaching guide for middle school, high school, and college classrooms.

Donald Sanders Luce (1934-2022): Exposed the Truth About the Tiger Cages

Don Luce, who passed away on November 17, 2022, at the age of 88, was a kindred spirit and one of my heroes on a decidedly short list.

Commemorating the 287 victims of the 1972 Christmas bombing

Ceremony to commemorate 287 people on Kham Thien Street killed in the carpet bombing of a B52 plane 50 years ago, December 26, 1972.

For Patrick Leahy, The Vietnam War Is Finally Ending

For 33 years, the retiring senator has worked to bind the many wounds of a war that touched the lives of nearly every Vietnamese family.

Toward an honest commemoration of the American War in Vietnam

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by Doug Rawlings November comes on to me like a C-130 slinking into Dover Air Force base laden with tin caskets draped in red, white, and blue   I know I...

Lighter than Orange

Lighter than Orange

Lighter than Orange is a brand new film. Our screening a world premiere, so very few people have had a chance to see it yet. It feels foreign relative to the...

Sir No Sir!

Sir No Sir!

Sir! No Sir! seems almost light in comparison, joyous and celebratory, though it also has tear-jerking moments, my favorite being the Rita Martinson solo,...

Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds is incredible the way the clips are juxtaposed and braided together to make one of the strongest antiwar statements you will ever see. But be...

Another Brother

ANOTHER BROTHER is a moving biographical mosaic of one ordinary yet extraordinary man, Clarence Fitch. An African American veteran of the Vietnam War,...

The Full Disclosure campaign is a Veterans For Peace effort to speak truth to power and keep alive the antiwar perspective on the American war in Viet Nam — with a series of 50th anniversary events now occurring. It represents a clear alternative to the Pentagon’s current efforts to sanitize and mythologize the Vietnam war and to thereby legitimize further unnecessary and destructive wars.

50 Years of GI Resistance, In and Out of Uniform

2019 is the year that we acknowledge and honor the courage, sacrifice, and moral strength of those who resisted.

Original Podcasts

Produced by Courage to Resist in collaboration with the Vietnam Full Disclosure effort of Veterans For Peace.

On the Burns/Novick PBS Documentary

Critical responses to the 10-part PBS series by Ken Burns, The Vietnam War (2018)

Philip Jones Griffith's Viet Nam

Highly recommended photo exhibit available to local community arts centers, galleries and schools.

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“All wars are fought twice, the first time on the battlefield, the second time in memory.”

— Viet Thanh Nguyen, Nothing Ever Dies: Vietnam and the Memory of War


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