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PCHUM BEN — The Cambodian Ancestors’ Day

Published on: September 18, 2017

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On this occasion of Pchum Ben, I would like to take the time to pay tribute to the nearly two million people who lost their lives during the Khmer Rouge regime. Even though our country has lost so much, and no words or deeds can help us recover from the horrors of this history, we are compelled by the spirit of creation and our shared humanity to move forward. In the wake of inhumanity, we all have the potential for personal, community and national renewal.
Renewal cannot begin by ignorance of the past. By taking the time to study the past, through survivor stories and scholarly research, we can begin to understand how connected we are with our ancestors and how to honor their memory. Through education, we can pay tribute to genocide victims and establish a form of justice that can never be diluted by time. I hope, on this occasion of Pchum Ben, we make this commitment to our ancestors. Because our commitment to remembering the past, and the struggles of our ancestors, will ensure all Cambodians have a firm footing for a better society in the future.
Youk Chhang
Documentation Center of Cambodia

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