PHNB 2006 David Cline from Peace Has No Borders on Vimeo.

David Cline speaks at Peace Has No Borders, a 2006 bi-national event organized to bring together people on both sides of the border to support Iraq War resisters who fled the US for Canada instead of going to war. Here, Cline talks about the need to build support for the resisters in the U.S.


“David Cline speaking at the Peace Has No Borders event in Ft Erie Ontario on June 17, 2006 with the Peace Bridge in the background. He is speaking in support of Iraq war resisters who were seeking asylum in Canada.

The clip is from a film produced by Deb Ellis and Denis Mueller entitled “Peace Has No Borders” which is in it’s final production phase after nine years of filming. Their last film was a biography of Howard Zinn entitled “You Can’t be Neutral on a Moving Train”. This film follows the struggle of American war resisters seeking political asylum in Canada. Sadly, their efforts are coming to a bitter end.” ~ Bruce Beyer
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