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Peace & Planet News, published by Vietnam Full Disclosure and New York City Veterans For Peace, is “dedicated to abolishing war, establishing justice, and fighting climate disaster.”

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Contents include:

  • Police and Pentagon
    Bringing Our Wars Home
    By Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II and Phyllis Bennis
  • Meeting the
  • ‘Getting in Necessary Trouble’
  • ‘Black Lives Matter’ Is About More Than Police
    By Patrisse Cullors
  • Blind Boone’s Pianola Blues
    By Tyehimba Jess
  • Protesters Must ‘Defend Their Ability to Exercise Disruptive Power’
    By Mie Inouye
  • Move from Prison Culture to Caring Community
    By Marc Lamont Hill
  • Mass Mobilization Key to Military Siding with Democracy
    By Jeff Paterson