On this May Day, a day that has long been a symbol of the international struggle for justice, we are delighted to announce that Peace and Planet News is now live online. The website has afforded us the opportunity to expand and enhance what was already a great print newspaper. So this is our new online magazine and there’s plenty to peruse and be inspired by. One of our favorite elements is the Poet’s Corner, curated by Doug Rawlings, a superb people’s poet, a co-founder of VFP and a past VFP Poet Laureate.

Another aspect that inspires us is that we’ve been able to include an archive of PDFs of all our print editions, as well as almost five years of Peace in Our Times and special issues like Full Disclosure – Truth About America’s War in Viet Nam, and the equally popular Reclaim Armistice Day, so that you can reference any issue. As conditions allow, we will also be returning to our quarterly print publications.

Access to the website is completely free and will continue that way. We want to again thank all those who had faith in us and generously donated to make this website possible. We all work on a volunteer basis but the website has expenses, so if you like what you see, please feel free to donate and help keep this veterans’ website going.

Our second edition will be out in month or so and we already have some special things lined up.


For Peace, Justice, and the Planet,
Doug Rawlings, Denny Riley, Ellen Davidson, Mike Ferner, Susan Schnall, Tarak Kauff