By Jon Mitchell, investigative journalist with Okinawa Times

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Okinawa served as the main US launchpad for the war in southeast Asia – and the island is still contaminated today from that usage. Next month, my new non-fiction book – “Poisoning the Pacific” – will be published about this issue. Based upon 12,000+ pages of FOIA documents, it reveals how US military operations from the Korean, Vietnam and Terror Wars have been polluting the Pacific region; hundreds of thousands of indigenous people and US service members have been exposed—but the DoD has hidden the damage and refused to help victims. My reporting has also brought me under fire from the State Department and US military.

Noam Chomsky, Oliver Stone and Nobel Peace Prize winners, ICAN, have all thrown their support behind my book – you can read more here

We’ve uploaded on the publisher’s homepage a slew of the Okinawa FOIA-released documents (related to chemical and biological weapons, asbestos, dioxin, lead etc) so anybody can access them to help with VA claims.