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Peace & Planet News, published by Vietnam Full Disclosure and New York City Veterans For Peace, is “dedicated to abolishing war, establishing justice, and fighting climate disaster.”

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  • The American Chaos Machine: U.S. Foreign Policy Goes Off the Rails
    By Danny Sjursen
  • ‘I Couldn’t Heal Their Souls’: Susan Schnall interview
    By Courage to Resist / Vietnam Full Disclosure podcast
  • ‘Palestinian-Native American-Israeli: Tempest in Small-Town Teapot
    By Kathy Christison
  • Soldiers Want to Stop Fighting: Let’s build a movement that welcomes them
    By Rory Fanning
  • Resource Wars Push U.S. Toward AI Weaponry
    By Nick Mottern
  • Judge Supports Nonviolent Protesters at Maine Shipyard
    By Bruce Gagnon
  • Gay Pride and Nuclear Weapons
    By Anthony Donovan
  • U.S. Military is Destroying the Environment
    By Ilana Novick
  • Calculating the Impact of the U.S. Military
    By Benjamin Neimark, Oliver Belcher and Patrick Bigger
  • Blocking Trains and Removing Coal, Climate Activists Fight to Close One of New England’s Largest Power Plants
    By Sarah Freeman-Woolpert and Arnie Alpert
  • Save the Whale, Save the Earth!
    By Russell Wray
  • Landmark Win in ‘Fight for Habitable Future’: Jury refuses to convict climate activists who presented necessity defense
    By Jake Johnson
  • ‘They Cannot Keep Us Silent’: Colombian Indigenous leaders face persecution as they defend the rights of people and the environment
    By Daniel Henryk Rasolt
  • Bernie Sanders Was Right About the Cuban Literacy Campaign
    By Catherine Murphy
  • Next Irish Government Needs to Restore Neutrality
    By John Lannon
  • U.S. Army Invades Virus-Plagued Europe
    By Bruce Gagnon
  • U.S. Sanctions Lead to Global Rise in Coronavirus: Big Pharma and Healthcare for Profit Hold Lives Hostage
    By Sara Flounders
  • Stop Tightening the Thumb Screws
    By Kathy Kelly
  • Reflections on a Waging Peace Exhibit
    By Zaynab Quadri
  • One of Ours: Super Bowl-Pentagon Connection
    By Denny Riley
  • Freud Goes to the Super Bowl: Flags, male aggression and pole dancing
    By John Grant