Currently taking orders for the Winter 2020 edition (Issue #4)

Peace & Planet News

A quarterly newspaper dedicated to abolishing war, establishing justice, and fighting climate disaster.

Building on our five years of work with Peace in Our Times, we aim to bring an antiwar veteran voice to the broader movements for social justice, while connecting the veterans peace movement to all the interrelated issues facing us today—from climate change to racial justice to health care to indigenous rights and more.

Published by Vietnam Full Disclosure and New York City Veterans For Peace, Peace & Planet News is a tool for activists on many fronts. You can help by distributing the paper at local rallies, marches, and vigils; taking it to libraries, coffee shops, college campuses, and other venues in your area where people will appreciate intelligent news and analysis from an antimilitarist perspective; making it available at political events; and just carrying a few copies around with you because you never know when you will run into someone who could use it. We especially hope that it can be distributed in places where active-duty personnel might pick up a copy.

The paper is available in single subscriptions, 5-issue packets, and boxes of 45 or 70.

Boxes take 5-7 days to arrive, so make sure you order well in advance of any events where you plan to use them.

As always, we appreciate your trust and support, and we will do our best to deserve it.

Editorial staff: Tarak Kauff, Editor-in-Chief; Ellen Davidson, Managing Editor; Mike Ferner, J.J. Johnson, Ken Mayers, Doug Rawlings, Editors; Denny Riley, Staff Writer. Website coordinator: Jeff Paterson. Advisor: Susan Schnall