The documentary LIGHTER THAN ORANGE reveals a political failure through individual biographies. It depicts the fates of millions Vietnamese veterans who have been victims of Agent Orange.  Due to exposure to dioxin-based herbicide Agent Orange used during the Vietnam War, veterans brought home a change in their DNA.  This change having been passed down through the generations, their children are still suffering from incurable illnesses and debilitating deformity today.

In Lighter Than Orange, twelve North Vietnamese veterans tell about their memories of the war and Agent Orange as well as the struggles they have faced as a consequence of both.  There are an estimated four million victims of Agent Orange living today.

The film Lighter Than Orange will be broadcast in all countries of the world from 3 December onwards. The channel Deutsche Welle will broadcast a 42:30-minute version of the film via satellite. The program can also be watched via the DW-Livestream on the Internet:

THU 03.12.2015 – 19:15 UTC
FRI 04.12.2015 – 01:15 UTC
FRI 04.12.2015 – 15:15 UTC
SAT 05.12.2015 – 05:15 UTC
SUN 13.12.2015 – 03:15 UTC
TUE 15.12.2015 – 03:15 UTC
SAT 19.12.2015 – 09:15 UTC

DW (America)
FRI 04.12.2015 – 09:15 UTC

[San Francisco UTC -8 | New York UTC -5]

Festivals | Awards: 2015 GRAND PRIZE Documentary Feature Award of SR – Socially Relevant Film Festival New York, USA, // Hollywood Film Festival // Justice Film Festival, Chicago // DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival // New York City Independent Film Festival // Human Rights Film Festival of Barcelona // 6th. CinemAvvenire Rom, Cambodia International Film Festival // International Uranium Film Festival Berlin // Best Feature Documentary Los Angeles CineFest // Filmmakers World Festival GOLD AWARD WINNER, Jakarta, Indonesia//filmkunstfest (film art fest) Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany // 2014 Shanghai TV Festival, China // KLECO FILM FEST 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

If you are interested I will send you a link to vimeo full length (72 min).

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