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The Vietnam War spurred protests on multiple fronts – including within the military’s own ranks. In this hour, we’ll talk to those who served and who spoke out against the war, including a Navy nurse who treated injured Marines in Oakland, an AWOL soldier who staged a protest inside a military prison and a man who distributed anti-war leaflets on military bases. And we would like to hear from you — if you lived through the Vietnam War era, tell us about your decision to participate in anti-war demonstrations. What motivated you to protest? Or to stay out of them?

Paul Cox
 civil engineer; served in Vietnam in 1969-70 as member of the United States Marine Corps
Tom Hurwitz, documentary filmmaker; anti-war activist
Keith Mather, retired San Francisco building inspector; participated in the “Nine For Peace” protest and “Presidio 27 Mutiny”
Susan Schnall, former Navy nurse who served from 1967-69