Top 4 Films:

  • Sir! No Sir! -– The Suppressed Story of the GI Movement to End the War in Vietnam. Produced, directed and written by David Zeigler: The largely unknown history of GI resistance to the war. Streaming: Rent or buy on Amazon Prime: Rent the DVD on Netflix: Buy the DVD on Amazon: Buy the DVD on Displaced Films web page: The DVD includes two hours of additional stories from the GI Movement. 85 minutes run time. Keith Mather, member of the Presidio 27 has made the following offer: Keith Mather has made the following offer on his facebook page: “a free copy of Sir No Sir! to anyone who sets up a viewing in a public school, college, university, union hall, in a military recruitment office.”

  • Winter Soldier (1972) directed by The Winterfilm Collective (listed as Winterfilm, Inc. in the credits to the film Winter Soldier). Chronicles the Winter Soldier Investigation, which took place in Detroit, Michigan, from January 31 to February 2, 1971. The film documents the accounts of United States soldiers who returned from Vietnam, and participated in this war crimes hearing. Available on Netflix. 96 minutes run time. Winter Soldier is distributed by: Milliarium Zero,
  • P.O. Box 128, Harrington Park, N.J. 07640; Email:
    201.767.3117, 800.603.1104
  • Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan More than 200 U.S. military veterans and active duty soldiers,[1] as well as Iraqi and Afghan civilians, provided accounts of their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan. The event was inspired by the Winter Soldier Investigation of 1971. It was organized by Iraq Veterans Against the War, and held from March 13 to March 16, 2008. Running time 66 minutes.
  • Hell No! Stories of Vietnam war deserters. Available by contacting .


Other Films:

  • Remember My Lai (aired May, 23, 1989.) 60 minutes. Producer(s): Kevin Sim, Michael Bilton

In 1968, American soldiers massacred over 500 adults and children in a Vietnamese hamlet called My Lai. Frontline explores the legacy of that savage day on the men who were there and the Vietnamese who survived. &

  • American Experience: My Lai Oscar-nominated filmmaker Barak Goodman reopens the investigation into the infamous My Lai massacre, a Vietnam War-era atrocity that killed more than 500 unarmed civilians. Complemented by 400 hours of newly discovered audio recordings that shed light on what happened on the ground, Goodman’s Emmy-nominated film includes first-person accounts from the participants and other eyewitnesses. Available on Netflix. Running time 90 minutes.
  • The Whistleblower of My Lai A film by Academy Award nominated and Emmy winning director Connie Field currently in distribution. Hugh Thompson was more than a whistleblower. The 24-year-old major was a hero to most, a traitor to some, and a veritable angel to those whose lives he saved when, on March 16, 1968, he landed his Army observation helicopter to intervene at the site where US soldiers were murdering hundreds of Vietnamese civilians.
  • Hearts and Minds, Academy Award winning antiwar documentary by Peter Davis (1974). Available on Netflix. 112 minutes running time.
  • The Ground Truth (also known as The Ground Truth: After the Killing Ends) is a 2006 documentary film about veterans of the Iraq War. Available on Netflix. 72 minutes running time.
  • The Boys Who Said NO! : Draft Resistance and the Vietnam War. Forthcoming. See



Top 4 Readings:


Other Basic Readings:



Top 5 Books:

  • David Cortright: Soldiers in Revolt: GI Resistance during the Vietnam War(Chicago: Haymarket Books, 1975, 2005). An early and classic work.
  • Wallace Terry, Bloods: An Oral History of the Vietnam War by Black Veterans. New York: Random House (hard cover 1984) or Presidio Press (paperback 1985).
  • Gerald Nicosia, Home from War: A History of the Vietnam Veterans’ Movement. New York: Crown Publishers, 2001.
  • Fred Gardner, The Unlawful Concert: An Account of the Presidio Mutiny Case, 1970.
  • Willson, S. Brian. Don’t Thank Me for My Service: My Viet Nam Awakening to the Long History of U.S. Lies. Atlanta, GA: Clarity Press, 2018.

 Other Books:

  • Richard Moser, The New Winter Soldiers: G.I. and Veteran Dissent during the Vietnam Era(New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1996).
  • David L. Parsons, Dangerous Grounds: Antiwar Coffeehouses and Military Dissent(UNC Press, 2017).
  • James Lewes’s Protest and Survive: Underground GI Newspapers During the Vietnam War(Praeger Press, 2007).
  • Andrew Hunt, The Turning: A History of Vietnam Veterans Against the War(NYU Press, 2001).
  • Tom Weiner, CALLED TO SERVE: Stories of the Men and Women Confronted By the Vietnam War Draft, (Amherst and Florence, Massachusetts, Levellers Press, 2011).
  • Andy Stapp, Up Against the Brass, (Simon & Schuster, 1970). The founding of the American Servicemen’s Union at Fort Sill
  • John Catalinotto, Turn the Guns Around: Mutinies, Soldier Revolts and Revolutions (New York: World View Forum, 2017), Soldier revolts back to the Paris Commune, with extensive coverage of the struggle to end the Vietnam War.
  • Doug Bradley & Craig Werner, We Gotta Get Out of This Place (University of Massachusetts Press, 2015) — the soundtrack of the Vietnam War.
  • Hallock, Daniel. Hell, Healing and Resistance: Veterans Speak. Farmington, PA: The Plough Publishing House of the Bruderhof Foundation, 1998.
  • Gloria Emerson, Winners and Losers, journalist’s take on the war’s meaning.
  • Gerald McCarthy, War Story: Vietnam War Poems (Crossing Press, 1977)



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