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Share your story of military resistance

Published on: March 7, 2019

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The Vietnam Full Disclosure effort of Veterans for Peace, in collaboration with Courage to Resist, are collecting first person accounts of “military resistance.” We’ll publish many of these stories at and

Specifically, we are seeking:

  • Individuals that took a stand of some kind against war in general, or a specific war, while in uniform.
  • Individuals who refused to be drafted into the military.

The questionnaire is comprised primarily of a half dozen questions: 1) Your thoughts upon entering or refusing the military, 2) Defining moments that led up to taking action, 3) What did resistance look like for you, 4) Repercussions, 5) How did that experience change you, 6) Any related work your doing today.

If you fit the bill, we hope you’ll share your story! If not, please share this questionnaire with someone you might know.

Share your story here!

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