Vietnam Full Disclosure


…thoughts from Suel Jones

Published on: December 31, 2014

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“If you hold a real weapon in your hand you will feel its character strongly. It is fearsome. It’s only purpose is death. And its power is not just in the material from which it is made, but also from the intention of its makers.

It is regrettable that weapons must sometimes be used, but occasionally survival demands it. The wise go forth with weapons only as a last Resort. They never rejoice in the skill of weapons nor do they glorify war.

When death, pain and destruction are visited upon what you hold sacred, the spiritual price is devastating. What hurts more than one’s own suffering is bearing witness to the suffering of others. The regret of seeing human beings at their worse and sheer pain of not being able to help the victims can never be redeemed.

If you go personally to war, you cross the line yourself. You sacrifice ideals for survival and the fury of killing. That alters you forever. That is why no one rushes to be a soldier. Think before you want to change so unalterably. The stakes are not merely one’s life but one’s very humanity.”

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