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VFP advertisement in Variety Magazine and VFP Chapter 7 (LA) Picketing

Published on: July 31, 2018

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Below are pictures of the VFP ad in Variety magazine. The placement in the magazine was optimum. A big step forward for VFP and truth. Tens of thousands of people will see this. Thank all of you who donated and thanks to VFP National for doing their part to make this happen.

Tarak Kauff
Veterans For Peace
Managing Editor
Peace In Our Times


Saturday, July 28

VFP Los Angeles members of Chapter 007 met in North Hollywood at the Saban Media Center Television Academy 5210 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91601
Interfaith Communities United for Justice & Peace (ICUJP) and Veterans for Peace, Los Angeles mustered an Informational PICKET at the Television Academy (to prevent the next war).
NO EMMYS For  KEN BURNS and the twisted history in his PBS series “THE VIETNAM WAR” Ken Burns and co-director Lynn Novick,  side with the Pentagon and smear the peace movement.
VFP 007 members in attendance: Viet Nam veterans Chapter president Michael Lindley, Andrew Nisbet, Larry Abbott, along with associate member Kathleen Hernandez, ICUJP actor Dave Clennon, and member Marian Gordon (wife of Larry Abbott)


2 Responses to VFP advertisement in Variety Magazine and VFP Chapter 7 (LA) Picketing

  1. Troy Heikkala says:

    This is an excellent and correct article. I hope it’s message is heeded.
    From another veteran of that American war on Vietnam

  2. David Preston says:

    For those who lived through that war, are you going to believe your lying eyes and ears, or are you going to believe the “official” history of the war?
    For those who didn’t live through that period, we veterans are against rewarding Burns and Novick for a false narrative. You should be too.

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