Aired Live Sat –April 25th 2015 at 7pm

Veterans for Peace Forum

Metro East Community Media Comcast Cable Ch 11


Topic: Post Vietnam & Rising Viet-American Art Community


Host: Dan Shea of Veterans for Peace Chapter 72


Guests: Dao Strom Author-Songwriter


Bio: Dao Strom


The daughter of writers, Dao Strom fled Vietnam with her mother at the end of the war. It was not until years later that she learned her father was still alive and that he had spent a decade in Communist “reeducation” camps as persecution for his work as a writer in the pre-1975 era of Saigon. This rift—caught between the forward-looking mother who severed ties with the past, and the only tenuous presence of a father who could not turn away from the past—is the initiating ethos behind this hybrid memoir, which also renders itself as an experiment in literary multimedia, combining text, image, and song. The result is a work that draws disparate “voices” together into one confluent, challenging whole.


Dao was a recipient of a 2014 Regional Arts & Culture Council Project Grant that offered support to this project of:


Reimagining the Book: A memoir in text + image + song. In this unique work of literary multimedia, author/musician Dao Strom navigates the spaces between shores, mother and father, two cultures.