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VFP Forum Sat 6/27 Chuck Wiley Part II & Prof. Steven Gardiner Army Vet — there will be a part III program July 25th

Published on: July 20, 2015

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Topics: GI War Resisters in Canada & Veterans Political Activism
Guest: Chuck Wiley, Navy Chief Petty Officer & Iraq War GI Resister
Guest: Steven Gardiner, Army, Cold War Veteran & Professor of Anthropology
Host: Dan Shea of Veterans for Peace Chapter 72

Bio: Chuck Wiley – Former GI Resistor who sought Asylum in Canada
U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer – 16 years Military Service-Army/Navy
Hometown: Frankfort, Kentucky
Fled to Canada in February 11, 2007
Applied for Refugee Asylum on compassionate grounds to the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration but was denied and lived with the threat of arrest and deportation.
VFP Forum with Chuck Wiley Part I link

Bio: Steven Gardiner is an Army veteran who served as a nuclear missile operator in the First of the Forty-First Field Artillery in Schaebisch Gmuend, Germany, 1982 – 1985.
He currently teaches anthropology in Abu Dhabi where he has lived with his wife Angie Reed Garner since 2008.

Bio: Dan Shea Marine Vietnam Veteran 1968 and Agent Orange Survivor
“I” Co, 3dBN, 26th Marines – Quang Tri, Quang Tri Province & Phu Bia, Thua Thien Province Viet Nam
Last Duty Station: Sep Cd. Co MB USNB Subic Bay Philippines
Dan remembers while on a mission in the jungle when his platoon refused to continue a mission after a Sargent was killed by a booby-trap explosion on a jungle trail and other traumatic close call experiences with death. Viet Nam was the war that kept on killing and would extended death’s boney fingers long after war was over and attack his son with birth anomalies related to Dan’s Agent Orange exposure. The United States use of the illegal chemical weapon Agent Orange killed, crippled and caused cancers and other diseases to millions of Vietnamese affecting children now into the 3rd and 4th generation and took Dan’s son Casey at the age of 3 in 1981.

Kelly Labonty & Jim Lockhart

Daniel Shea
Veterans For Peace

One Response to VFP Forum Sat 6/27 Chuck Wiley Part II & Prof. Steven Gardiner Army Vet — there will be a part III program July 25th

  1. Captain Colin Smith says:

    As a former Canadian citizen who left because of the craziness coming from across the line and the rightward drift of Canadian politics, I still feel ashamed of my country’s failure to provide sanctuary for the Gulf War evaders, and for sending them back. i joined a group in Victoria, BC to promote their cause, but it was obvious the Canadian Government was determined to send them back, no matter what the hardship. Gone are the days of Pierre Trudeau when Canada was a proud independent sovereign country free of US political manipulation. Now we have our own neocon fanatics who march in lockstep with the Pentagon. My only advice to them is to hide out as long as possible in Canada, or move somewhere where there is still some sovereignty and national pride left. Good Canadians will still give you sanctuary and hide you from the Mounties or Immigration. If all the court cases fail I would not contact a lawyer, but simply hide out, like European Jews in Holland and France, and hope that time will eventually allow you to go home (or better, stay, since we gained 25,000 top-notch people who stayed out of 50,000 DD’s). The moral calibre of resistors and dissenters from the US was always far superior to that of normal immigrants. I began to suffocate in Canada,and decided to leave. (P.S. Molly Ivins, the great Texan writer, likened the Canadians living next to Bush’s America to living next to the Simpsons).

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