An audio production by Veterans For Peace Spokane Chapter #35, recorded May 27, 2018. The Viet Nam Experience panel production was recorded at the downtown public library in Spokane, Washington as part of the My Lai Memorial Exhibition which toured 16 U.S. cities that year.

March 16, 1968 brought U.S. Military units to the villages of My Lai, Sơn Tịnh District, in Viet Nam where 504 men, women, children, elderly persons and all other living beings were killed. This full-scale audio program from the American military Veterans for Peace Spokane Chapter excerpts the Chicago Veterans for Peace national tour of the My Lai Memorial Exhibition panel discussion at the downtown Spokane public library, Dr. Martin Luther King’s controversial 1968 Viet Nam address at Riverside Church in New York City, and a VFP Viet Nam Full Disclosure Project interview; especially useful in vets’ PTSD healing therapy, as counter-recruitment messaging for today’s youth, and as an educational tool for future research into America’s war in Viet Nam. The My Lai Massacre is important because it represents one of thousands of similar incidents of war crimes which took place during the American War In Viet Nam. Veterans from the Chicago, Colville, Portland and Spokane VFP chapters participated. Program produced by OUR JOURNEY, a counter-culture chronicle.