unnamed“Six years ago I produced a documentary that people might find useful in the Vietnam Full Disclosure campaign. I started producing it long before the Pentagon announced its current Vietnam War beautification campaign because I became aware of the developing movement to revise this history in a way that supports future wars. It is named Vietnam: American Holocaust. It was narrated by Martin Sheen and been called “The best documentary ever made on the Vietnam War.” by Blase Bopane. David Swanson called it “a powerful documentary” and Ron Kovic said “Every American should see this film!” David Slaky of VFP said “It’s the best thing I’ve seen. I’ve seen Winter Solider, Hearts & Minds, you name it, I’ve seen it. This is the best thing I’ve seen.” Scott Camil of 1st Marines, Winter Soldier, VVAW and VFP said “I can’t wait to get this into the high schools.” David Zeiger, director of Sir! No Sir! called it “Very Powerful”and Stuart Chandler of Rotten Tomatoes said“This is the best political video on Vietnam and its historic relevance to our times I have ever seen.” And Vy Xuan Hong, of the Vietnam National Assembly said simply “Thank you so very much,” when he asked for, and received, permission to broadcast it nationwide on VTV4.

The screenplay was translated to Vietnamese by Nguyen Minh Y, Director of International affairs for VAVA. It has also been translated into French and Spanish. It has been broadcast internationally by Russia Today and Free Speech TV, sold on DVD by Amazon and others, and shown on hundreds of local screens from Phnom Penh to Pittsburg, but it has also been freely available on YouTube and it is probably on that platform that it has made its greatest contribution to Vietnam full disclosure where the full 90 minute documentary has been viewed 482,245 times, and favorite clips from the doc have also been popular – Vietnam: American Holocaust – Bombing Vietnam has 789,104 views, LBJ Admits Murder of Diem has 227,513 views, and Agent Orange has view 44,137. These YouTube videos about the Vietnam War have also generated a lot of lively discussion in their thousands of comments.”