On the occasion of the 60th Commemoration of the Agent Orange Disaster (August 10th, 1961 – August 10th, 2021) and the Day for Agent Orange Victims, the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO) would like to express our sincerest thanks to all of you & your tremendous contributions to settlements of the war legacies, including the AO/dioxin issue.

Dear Mr. Chuck Searcy,

Warmest greetings from Ha Noi!

Today marks the 60th anniversary of the Agent Orange disaster (August 10th, 1961 – August 10th, 2021) and the Day for Agent Orange Victims. On this special occasion, on behalf of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations and Vietnamese Agent Orange/Dioxin victims, I would like to express my profound gratitude to each and every one of you for long companionship, sharing and invaluable support over the past decades.

The war in Vietnam has ended for decades, but its serious consequences have still lingered. Nowadays, many war-time Vietnamese soldiers, people living throughout Vietnam and their descendants continue to suffer from the sequela of war and Agent Orange/Dioxin. The Government and the peoples of Vietnam have been trying their best to overcome the legacies of the war, providing medical care and treatment and assistance to the victims or Agent Orange/Dioxin and
their families.

Alongside Vietnam’s efforts in dealing with the consequences of Agent Orange/Dioxin, the Vietnamese people have been receiving precious support from friends all over the world, including you and your organization. You have done incredible works during and after the war to help Vietnam. The Vietnamese people appreciate and cherish each and every of your efforts, whether to clean up dioxin – contaminated lands or provide treatment, health care and rehabilitation for those
exposed to Agent Orange/Dioxin and their progeny affected by this toxic or support to the legal fight for justice and the legitimate rights of Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin. Your compassion, your meaningful activities and your great support have relieved the pains of the Agent Orange/Dioxin victims and become an important source of encouragement and strength for the victims and their families.

Once again, we would like to thank you for all what you and your colleagues and friends have done for Viet Nam and the Agent Orange/Dioxin victims. We look forward to your further cooperation and strong support to our joint efforts to assist the victims, to seek justice for them, to close the past of war in Viet Nam and inside each Agent Orange victim.
May I wish you and your loved ones good health, happiness and success.

With my warmest regards and deep appreciation,
Ambassador Nguyen Phuong Nga
VUFO President