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Winter issue of Peace in Our Times

Published on: January 1, 2018

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Sisters and Brothers,
This issue starting the New Year is dynamite. Look at the partial list of articles below. Here’s the front page which will go to print on January 5th. Order now and your papers will be mailed out the following day. It’s 24 beautifully laid out pages, (thanks to our lay-out pro and great copy editor, Ellen Davidson) and packed with well-written articles and stories that will inspire and captivate the imagination. Great photos too! Click on this link to order! Distributing this paper and/or giving it to friends and relations is a great way to distribute peace this New Year. My own experience from what folks tell me, is that they deeply appreciate this paper and what VFP does. Just read the unsolicited letters to the editor in the paper and you’ll see what we mean. – Tarak
Don’t miss these stories of resistance:
Using Indigenous Thought to Cope in the Age of Trump
By Four ArrowsThe Disturbing Parallels Between U.S. Policing at Home and Military Tactics Abroad
By Danny Sjursen

A Veteran’s Plea from a Marine: Please, Stop Revering Us
By Lyle Jeremy Rubin

Refusing to Learn Bloody Lessons: Interview with Former Marine Officer and Diplomat Matthew Hoh
By Mohsen Abdelmoumen

Learning from History: Prison Interview with Emma Goldman
By Nelly Bly

U.S. Marine Jungle Warfare Training Trashes Okinawa’s Yambaru Forest
By Gentatsu Ashimine

The Story Behind America’s Biggest Overseas Base
By Jon Letman

Rape Was Rampant During the Vietnam War. Why Doesn’t U.S. History Remember This?
By Nick Turse

The Quality of Mercy: Who Are the Criminals?
By Kathy Kelly

The Return of the Apache to Gaza
By Ahmed Alnaouq

Symbol of a New Generation of Palestinian Resistance
By Ben Ehrenreich

Blueprint for the Most Radical City on the Planet
Bill Quigley’s Review of Jackson Rising: The Struggle for Economic Democracy and Self-Determination in Jackson, Mississippi by Ajamu Nangwaya, Kali Akuno

Grizzlies ‘Saved His Life’ and Now He Fights To Save Theirs: Interview with Doug Peacock
By Jessica A. Knoblauch

A Painless War?
By Denny Riley
And more!

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